Customer Pledge

PMP understands that customer service is paramount and strives to provide more than the customer expects.

PMP pledges the following:

  • All quotation requests are fulfilled within 7 days or if complex the customer is immediately advised when the quotation will be sent.
  • We acknowledge all orders to customers with delivery dates We produce and issue project schedules.
  • We produce schedules to ensure that we meet quoted and acknowledged delivery dates.
  • If we encounter delivery problems, we will inform customers of the delay and the revised delivery date.
  • ERP system data collection is used to ensure the most efficient method of manufacture is used and any cost savings passed onto our customers.
  • We produce detailed method sheets for every job to ensure repeatability of quality standards and full traceability.
  • We are flexible at all times to meet and exceed customers’ needs.
  • Statistics are produced on quality and delivery times achieved which is available for inspection by customers.

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