Environmental Policy

Precision Moulded Products (Essex) Ltd is committed to the protection of the
environment through safe working practices and continual improvement.

To achieve this we will:

  • Comply with all existing legislation and approved codes of practice
  • Be committed to setting environmental objectives and targets
  • Monitoring the environmental performance against those objectives and targets
  • Assess the environmental effects of all new and existing processes
  • Ensure that all employees and others are aware of the environmental implications
    of their activities and receive appropriate training where necessary
  • Encourage understanding of the environmental policy and objectives by suppliers
    and contractors
  • Be committed to continual environmental improvement and the prevention of
  • Minimise the consumption of natural resources and energy and use renewable
    alternatives where appropriate
  • Carry out periodic audits of the Environmental Management System and
    implement corrective actions where necessary
  • To ensure that the Environmental Policy is effectively communicated to all
    relevant stakeholders

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