Overmoulding offers many benefits in
safety, ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics

PMP has many years of experience with the overmoulding process. Overmoulding (commonly with TPE – Thermoplastic Elastomer) is the process of moulding one plastic over another one.

One common example would be a toothbrush with a stiff pre-moulded frame and rubberised grips on the handle. In the process, the base layer part is moulded first then the additional soft plastic is then moulded over and around the original pre-moulded part.

This can be undertaken for a variety of reasons:

Cosmetic (introduce an additional colour or a soft feel on a handle)
Mechanical (to create a seal)
Insulation (electrical safety of a cable or IP rated housing)
PMP has plastic injection moulding machines capable of producing specialist overmoulded products ranging from Manumoulds up to 140 ton injection moulding machines.

Overmoulding offers improvements in product resilience and appearance including:

  • Reducing vibration during product use
  • Improvement of comfort and grip
  • Making parts water resistant
  • Sound absorption
  • Improving product performance in use
  • Improving the “look” of a component

The overmoulding process is always advancing and changing. With PMP’s commitment to continuous improvement, we are quick to incorporate these changes into our manufacturing techniques, ensuring that we create exceptional products at competitive prices.

All overmoulding production is delivered in line with ISO 9001 quality standards.

If required, our partner company Photofabrication can assist with the creation of intricately shaped metal components.

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